Русский язык

  1. Вставьте пропущенные слава, пользуясь текстом.

Была давным давно на земле засуха.
Умирали от жажды  люди и животные.
Она так спешила, что не заметила под ногами собачки, споткнулась и уронила ковшик. В дверь вошел странник и попросил напиться.
И вдруг на ковшике появились семь огромных брильянтов, и из него полилась большая струя чистой, свежей воды.

  1. Выпишите из текста существительные во множественном числе и рядом напишите их в единственном числе, подберите к ним прилагательные.

Реки-река длинные, ручьи-ручей маленькие, колодцы-колодец  глубокий, деревья-дерево высокая , травы-трава зеленная, кусты-куст низкий,

  1. Составьте из слогов пословицу и запомните ее.
    доб сла луч богат рая ше ва ства.


  • Կարդա հետևյալ տեղեկությունները կենդանիների մասին և ընտրիր, թե յուրաքանչյուր հատվածը որ կենդանու մասին է՝ cat, dog, hamster, lizard, fish, parrot
  • It is a good friend. Takes it out for walks ecery day. Feed it meat and give it water to drink.

It is dog

2.  It needs an aquarium to swim. Change the water and clean the quarium regulary. Feed your pet special food once a day.

It is a fish

3. It needs a warm house. It needs rocks and plants to climb on. Feed it insects, spiders, mice or rats and give it water to drink.

It is a cat

4. It is very friendly and likes to play outside. It sleeps a lot and needs quiet and warm place to rest. Feed it special biscuits, meat or fish and water to drink.

It is alizard

5. It needs a cage where it can run around and a box to sleep in. Feed your pet seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetables and give  water to drink.

It is a hamster

6. It needs a big cage. Don’t forget to clean the cage. Pet your pet fly outside the cage regularly. Feed your pet seeds and give water to drink.

It is a parrot

Տեղադրիր a, an, some, any

  • Տեղադրիր a, an, some,  any
  1. Please get ………bread from the baker’s.


  1. b) a
  2. c) an
  3. d) some
  4. We need … to buy …..present  for ……mother’s Birthday.
  5. a) any
  6. b) a
  7. c) an
  8. d) some
  9. Dad, there are …..letters for you.
  10. a) any
  11. b) a
  12. c) an
  13. d) some
  14. There aren’t …… books on the shelf.
  15. a) any
  16. b) a
  17. c) an
  18. d) some
  19. It is …….elephant.
  20. a) any
  21. b) a
  22. c) an
  23. d) some
  24. Thanks a lot. Can I have ……water first?
  25. a) any
  26. b) a
  27. c) an
  28. d) some
  29. It is …………very interesting story about animals.
  30. a) any
  31. b) a
  32. c) an
  33. d) some


Ընտրիր ճիշտ տարբերակը

Why didn’t the other animals think Fly’s plan would work?
a) Bear was too scared.+
b) Fly was too small.
c) The moose was too fast.
d) Fly had a broken wing.
2) What problem was the moose causing?
a) He was destroying the animals’ homes.
b) He was being mean to the animals.
c) He was drinking too much water.+
d) He was eating all their food.
3) Which line from the story shows that Fly is determined (strong-minded)?
a) “I’ll never stop.”+
b) “Hooray for Fly!”
c) “But the moose is twice your size!”
d) “So, what’s the plan?”


One day I have wonderful trip. I traveled to different places with my team. We went in restaurant with boat. But there are not free seat. One of the teams told us to walk around the city and we agreed. We journey around city. The city was very nice in the sky flied birds. But we didn’t go in far, to go restaurant. But we get lost and we asked someone to see off us restaurant. We went restaurant. After restaurant we bougth ticket and went museum. After museum we went hotel and took a hotel room and accommodated our heavy suitcase and sleeped. The  hotel was very comfortable. We wake up at 18:00 and went sea, because the day was still hot. We were back At 20:30, but the day was still hot. We had dinner at the hotel cafeteria and sleeped. We woke up early in the morning and to start hiking to the forest for climb a rock. We climbed rock and photographed. We had overcome height. We went down and went one laboratory to try on different materials, and experiment on animals. It was very intresting. We went hotel, prepared and again went sea. And went restaurant after that hotel and sleeped. On third day we went in far store. We went station for catch train. In store we went with train, the carriage was very comfortable and beautiful and the passengers was very good peoples, but the railway was damaged. Everything possible have ended badly, but it didn’t. We in store bougth household goods and clotches. After store we were back hotel, accomatted ouur items and went sea. After sea we journey around city, we were getting acquainted the city. We drank kvass. We went hotel and sleeped. We wake up at 10:00 and took our things and boarded a ship to go airport. We had coffee and ice-cream in the ship. In a port we bought again ice-cream. We arrived airport bought ticket, boarded plane and leaved back.